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Production guidance


Production consultation

Prior to production, you can have experienced consultation by phone or email.


Service Request and Contract

We provide rational price estimation based on the design and data quantity of your choice. We have a wide array of options to choose from.


Data Preparation

We prepare a project proposal and basic data to build a website online. Basic data consists of logo, text, image, etc.


Design proposal draft task and examination

We produce a draft proposal and proceed upon the client's confirmation.


Website building

We build a website online based on the project proposal and the design proposal draft.


Completion of production (examination/test)

After making modifications and corrections [do not say “errors”], website production will be completed.

Estimation method for building website online

The cost for building a website online is determined by many factors, including design and data quantity, structure and more. By understanding each component of the cost, you can estimate how the final cost will be set. By doing this before your website order, you will receive a more economical price.

Page quantity

This generally means a standard of how many pages are used to create the website. The standard one page has a font size of 10 in a Microsoft-Word document. One page of this document is also calculated as one page in the website. Therefore, you can reduce the total cost by organizing the pages with only the necessary contents to reduce the document volume.

Development Scale

By analyzing the client's requests, we draw an estimate of time required to complete the design of the website program and then apply the result to the total estimate cost.

Additional Items

Additional requests by the client, including the language of website development, CI/BI design, image license, web-font license, reservation system linkage, mail linkage, and others may cause an additional cost to the estimate.