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Can you directly manage web+mobile operation and maintenance repair?

After completing web-mobile production, many design corporations say clients can easily maintain and repair the web-mobile by themselves because the maintenance and repair program is designed with WordPress or web-builder, and they, the design corporation, mostly do not provide service for maintenance and repair.

However, when actually operating web+mobile, many clients find it difficult to handle the complex structure of modifying images, correcting text, or adding other pages despite WordPress or web builder being used for production.

HDC provides effective management, maintenance and repair of your website by providing maintenance and repair service at a reasonable production service price.


Domain registration and management
.com, .ca, .net etc


Hosting service suitable for optional items
No traffic, DB capacity limitation

Visitor statistics

Google Analytics installation and report
Analysis of click rate, IP address, influx of keyword etc

Text correction

Main and sub text partial adjustment
General text adjustment, image text adjustment

Image modification

Main and Sub image correction and modification
General image alternation and modification, image production and replacement

Regular update

Continuous information update for product, service, address modification, etc.

Video production

Advertisement video production for YouTube upload

Online Advertisement proxy

Search engine exposure on Google and Facebook

Corporation mail management

Corporation mail management of registered domain
Management for relocation, creation, modification etc

Production of corporation CI/BI

CI/BI production

Facebook page establishment

Corporation Facebook page establishment proxy
Operation/management proxy upon request

Google Map linkage

Google Map linkage on website